Silca Synergetic Chain Lube - Total Game Changer!

Silca Synergetic Chain Lube - Total Game Changer!

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We have partnered with our friends at Silca to bring you some of the best accessories in the bicycle industry. If you are not familiar with Silca, they were founded in Italy in 1917 and for the last 100 years they have been world-renowned for their exceptionally durable floor pumps. In 2013, Josh Poertner a former Sram/Zipp engineer purchased and moved the brand the U.S. Since then they have expanded their product offerings, but have never strayed from their dedication to quality and durability. Like our frames, if properly cared for, most Silca items should be able to be pass along for generations.  


Silca's Synergetic Chain Lube is a true game changer (And we're not throwing that term around lightly!) for a few simple reasons-

  • It's oil based, so it is compatible with factory chain lubes & most other lubes you have already been using. As opposed to wax lubes that require meticulous cleaning of your chain before using. 
  • Silca's first to market use of Tungsten disulfide + Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates additives reduce the wear by an almost unbelievable 95%. In real world applications you should see 4x the life of your chain compared to nearly every other chain lube on the market.  
  •  500 mile relube interval, 10,000 miles worth of lube per bottle.