Silca Tattico Mini Pump - Now with Moots Branding
Silca Tattico Mini Pump - Now with Moots Branding
Silca Tattico Mini Pump - Now with Moots Branding

Silca Tattico Mini Pump - Now with Moots Branding

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We have partnered with our friends at Silca to bring you some of the best accessories in the bicycle industry. If you are not familiar with Silca, they were founded in Italy in 1917 and for the last 100 years they have been world-renowned for their exceptionally durable floor pumps. In 2013, Josh Poertner a former Sram/Zipp engineer purchased and moved the brand the U.S. Since then they have expanded their product offerings, but have never strayed from their dedication to quality and durability. Like our frames, if properly cared for, most Silca items should be able to be pass along for generations.  


The Tattico works so well it might just be offensive to call it a mini pump! Includes bracket to install pump under your bottle cage. 

Notes from The Moots Factory- 'I have been using this pump since 2017. Through countless miles of gravel the Tattico has never failed me. Its been a great assurance to know I'll never run out of CO2 miles from home or the finish line' - JG @ Moots. 


TATTICO has 4 unique features:

  1. Inverted Design: TATTICO is designed backwards from most pumps.  The hose and valving is hidden inside the inner tube rather than the outer cylinder delivering up to 10% more air per stroke compared to pumps of similar length.
  2. Adaptable Cup Seal: Other pumps seal with o-rings which lose effectiveness as friction heat increases.  The TATTICO Adaptable Cup Seal grows with the tube resulting in ultimate efficiency at all temperatures.
  3. Hidden Heat Sink:  There is a heat sink hidden at the end of the barrel which absorbs a high percentage of heat generated when pumping.  This keeps the rest of the pump cool, even at high pressures.
  4. Twin Tube Insulated Grip:  TATTICO handle uses 2 thin tubes separated by an insulating air gap to keep hands cool.  This results in better grip and control without risk to hands even when inflating multiple tires to high pressures.


The TATTICO mini-pump is ready to use when removed from the package. If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of the TATTICO mini-pump, please visit the SILCA resource center.